Roof Inspections find broken Terra Cotta roofs.

In our initial forays into Terra Cotta roof inspections here in Vero Beach, we encountered a common issue: broken tiles. While we can’t definitively pinpoint the cause, our suspicion lies with improper handling during power washing.

It’s worth noting that many homeowners’ associations mandate power washing for Terra Cotta roofs. However, entrusting this task to individuals unfamiliar with the intricacies of such roofs often results in inadvertent damage. Worse still, these damages may go unacknowledged, leaving you to foot a hefty repair bill, sometimes ranging in the thousands after already investing $400-$600 for the service.

Take a proactive stance by conducting a Drone Roof Inspection before and after the power wash. This approach provides tangible evidence of any damage incurred during the process. Armed with this evidence, you can hold the responsible party accountable for repairs, sparing yourself from undue financial burden.

These are two different homes inspected:

Cracked Tile found during Roof Inspection
Cracked Tile found during Roof Inspection